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AlishaWhite ​Design


2013 — 2024

Alisha White Design is a creative studio dedicated to crafting experiences that ​nurture the human spirit. Guided by a deep reverence for nature and a ​commitment to sustainable practices, we are redefining the concept of luxury ​through an approach that is both authentic and alluring.

We specialize in interior design as well as creative direction for private ​residential properties, boutique retailers, hotels, resorts, and guest houses.

By combining our technical expertise with an intuitive understanding of how ​the built environment can impact well-being, we breathe life into every ​project, seamlessly blending modern elegance with timeless charm.

At the heart of our brand is a belief that our living and working spaces should ​foster a sense of balance, presence, and connection - to ourselves, to each ​other, and to the world around us. By infusing each design with layers of ​texture, light, and intention, we create environments that captivate the senses ​and cultivate a profound sense of sanctuary.


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Client Testimonials

“ Alisha was instrumental in ​putting together a design for ​our alterations on our beach ​house. She came up with ​excellent ideas and worked ​well with the architect and ​other suppliers.

I can honestly recommend ​her for any project.”

- Karen Rens

“ We renovated our bathroom ​with the help of Alisha White ​Design. Despite the limited ​space, radiates tranquility and ​gives a real wellness feeling.

We are very satisfied with the ​result and regret not having ​met Alisha White Design ​earlier."

- Joelle Plessers

“ Alisha is a perfectionist, ​hands on, professional and ​gives one options to work ​with.

Highly recommend her.”

- Keith Pienaar

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+27 73 248 5826